Training agenda

PSRTI holds the mandate of developing comprehensive and integrated research and training program on statistical theories, concepts, methodologies. Invariably, the Training Division conducts non-degree training programs that seek to upgrade the quality of the statistical workforce in support of the needs of the statistical system.


Major Topics

Training Courses

1. Statistical Data ManagementMicrosoft Excel for Database Management
 Survey Operations and Questionnaire Design
 Microsoft Access for Information Management
2. Basic Statistical AnalysisBasic Statistics 1: Descriptive Statistics
 Basic Statistics 2: Inferential Statistics
 Basic Statistical Methods Using R Commander
3. Statistical ModellingRegression Analysis
 Time Series Analysis and Basic Forecasting
 Advanced Forecasting Methods
4. Sampling and Survey DesignSampling Methods and Design-Based Estimation
 Survey Operations and Questionnaire Design
 Focus Group Discussion: Administration and Analysis of Results
5. Special Topics in StatisticsStatistics for Financial Literacy
 Statistics for Project Monitoring and Evaluation
 Advanced Statistical Tools for Impact Evaluation of Projects
 Statistics for Policy Analysis
 Introduction to GIS and Data Analysis
6. Dissemination of StatisticsData Visualization using Infographics
 Data Visualization using Videographics
 Webpage Development for the Dissemination of Statistics
 Technical Writing Course on Statistical Reports
 Effective Presentation of Statistical Reports

psrti regular training courses

  1. Microsoft Excel for Database Management
  2. Microsoft Access for Information Management
  3. Basic Statistics 1: Descriptive Statistics
  4. Statistics for Gender and Development
  5. Survey Operations and Questionnaire Design
  6. Basic Statistics 2: Estimation and Hypothesis Testing
  7. Regression Analysis
  8. Sampling Methods and Design-Based Estimation
  9. Data Visualization Using Infographics
  10. Statistics for Financial Literacy
  11. Focus Group Discussion: Administration and Analysis of Results
  12. Basic Statistical Methods Using R Commander
  13. Webpage Development for the Dissemination of Statistics
  14. Time Series Analysis and Basic Forecasting
  15. Technical Writing Course on Statistical Reports
  16. Statistics for Project Monitoring and Evaluation
  17. Advanced Forecasting Methods
  18. Effective Presentation of Statistical Reports
  19. Statistical Tools for Impact Evaluation of Projects
  20. Data Visualization Using Videographics
  21. Statistical Data Management Using CSPRO
  22. Statistics for Policy Analysis
  23. Advanced Statistical Tools for Impact Evaluation of Projects
  24. Introduction to GIS and Data Analysis

psrti customized training courses

Customized courses are those using client-agency data incorporated in the lecture notes and workshop sessions. Client-agencies may opt to take courses similar to the regular PSRTI training courses, or on topics such as:

  1. Basic Research and Descriptive Statistics
  2. Introduction to Economic Statistics
  3. Business Correspondence
  4. News Media and the Media Landscape
  5. Basic and Advanced Demography
  6. High-Dimensional Data Analysis
  7. Unit-Level/Statistical Matching Procedures
  8. Multivariate Analysis
  9. Econometric Analysis
  10. Small Area Estimates


participant's testimonials

The Resource Persons were very knowledgeable about the subject matter. Also, they are flexible in handling situations like simultaneous questions from the participants and were very attentive to their concerns. Hence, the participants were able to easily understand the lessons.
Computer Programmer
The resource speakers were knowledgeable in their respective fields and with vast experiences.
The training venue was very conducive, clean, orderly, well equipped, good ventilation and spacious thus, it was an ideal lecture environment
Basic Research and Descriptive Statistics gave us the optimism, confidence, and knowledge needed to improve their services to the Bureau. The PSRTI's facilities are superb. ''If given the opportunity, we hope to see the team, particularly the resource persons, for future statistics training courses"
Training Participants
Bureau of Immigration
"I know that the PSRTI would only give the best for their clients, given the qualification, the Resource Person would be one of the best, perhaps MS EXCELent, truly, he was able to prove his competence, not only that, he inserted more patience to all of us. Provided more tables and opportunity to learn more, delete tedious practices by giving Simplified way of dealing with MS EXCEL. To Sir Sim, you are simply amazing."
Training Participant, DepED

training facilities

The PSRTI showcases its facilities and equipment for a more conducive and participant-friendly research and training activities. Since transferring to its new office address in Timog Avenue, Quezon City, the PSRTI has been receiving favorable feedback for its much-improved research and training rooms.

Notable among these improvements is the four (4) training rooms that can accommodate participants from a minimum number of twenty (20) to a maximum of forty (40) and 2 meeting rooms that can fit around ten (10) to twenty (20) persons. All rooms are equipped with the latest audio-visual equipment. In addition, guests are welcome in the library and wellness area where they can spend time during breaks in their training sessions or waiting to be attended to by any PSRTI staff.

Newly-acquired computers installed with the statistical and other software needed for the conduct of training and research activities are available on a ratio of one participant-one computer.

Internet connectivity is also provided for those internet-based trainings. As in the past, PSRTI training courses and research projects are handled by statisticians who are considered experts in their fields.