The PSRTI Library was established primarily to serve the information needs of PSRTI personnel in the conduct of research and training programs. It provides resources on statistics and government programs through books, agency publications, technical journals, research monographs, theses, dissertations, and statistical yearbooks.

It provides for :

  • Circulation;
  • Reference and Information;
  • Current Awareness Services; and
  • Photocopying


The library is committed to support the mission of the agency by providing quality library services, collection in variety of formats, and information resources designed to meet the needs of the PSRTI employees as well as its clients such as the training participants and research and training partners.

  1. Conversation and noise must be kept at a minimum level.
  2. Smoking, drinking, and eating inside the Library are prohibited.
  3. Keep things in order. Push back chairs under the table when leaving the library.
  4. Cellular phones must be turned off or set in silent mode. Users must leave the Library premises when making or receiving calls.
  5. Personal communication devices such as radio, mp3, and stereo etc. without earphones are not permissible.
  6. Users are not allowed to connect personal computers to the Library’s network.
  7. Users must exercise proper care when using Library resources and facilities.
  8. After using the books, leave them on the table to avoid being misplaced.
  9. Announcement will be made 10 minutes before closing time. All transactions must be completed during this time.
  10. The Library is not liable for the loss of personal belongings.
  11. The Librarian reserves the right to examine library resources carried out of the Library.
  12. The Librarian has the right to reprimand users who are violating Library rules and regulations. A verbal warning will be given but if violation still occurs, the user is requested to leave the Library.
  13. The Director, Chief of the Knowledge Management Division and Librarian decides on any matters not covered by these regulations.