Q: How may I commission your organization for a research study?
A: Commissioned researches are a government-to-government or government-to-business type of transaction (see our Citizen’s Charter). PSRTI does not conduct commissioned researches for private individuals. If you are an organization looking to commission the PSRTI for a study, kindly contact the Research Division.

Q: Can I request a copy of a completed research study?
A: You may visit our Research Archives to request a copy of a completed study, subject to approval from the Research Division.

Q: Can you provide data on the census?
A: The PSRTI does not conduct the census and has no data on any ongoing or past censuses. You may direct your query on censuses-related matters instead to the Philippine Statistics Authority.

Q: How do I apply to the Thesis and Dissertation Grant Program?
A: The Thesis and Dissertation Grant Program for 2022 is no longer accepting applications. You may visit our website and follow our social media for updates.

Q: Where can I find the 2022 Regular Training Calendar?
A: Visit the Enrollment page to view the 2022 Regular Training Calendars for both Online and Face-to-Face training as well as complete information on the enrollment process.

Q: How may I enroll to a training course?
A: Visit the Enrollment page for a step-by-step guideline on how to enroll to a PSRTI training course.

Q: Are your training courses open for government personnel only?
A: PSRTI offers training courses for both government personnel and private companies or individuals.

Q: Where can I find the course description for a course I would like to enroll in?
A: The course descriptions are available via our Course Catalog found on our Training services page.

Q: Are your training courses free of charge?
A: Attendance to training courses are not free and are assessed depending on number of training days and type of participant. For our 2022 Schedule of Fees, kindly visit our Training or Enrollment page.

Q: I would like to enroll in a training course which is not on scheduled your training calendar. Are there other options?
A: PSRTI conducts Customized Training Courses, which are courses not found or offered in the Regular Training Calendar. To request for a customized training course, a minimum of fifteen (15) participants are required to proceed. Kindly address a formal letter/email of request to the Executive Director III of the PSRTI Dr. Josefina V. Almeda via (CC Training Division Chief Statistical Specialist Ms. Maria Praxedes R. Peña at

Q: Do you have vacancies?
A: Our Careers page is always updated to reflect open job opportunities at PSRTI. You may visit the page for updates on any vacancies with its accompanying minimum qualifications and submission requirements.

Q: Can I still submit my application beyond the deadline?
A: The PSRTI strictly adheres to its schedule and will unfortunately no longer accept applications beyond the deadline. Please note that we also do not accept incomplete applications and therefore applicants have the sole responsibility of checking the completeness of their submissions.

Q: How do I avail of your library services?
A: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, PSRTI has indefinitely suspended all outsiders’ access to the library.

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