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RTC on Organizing and Managing Virtual Meetings Using Zoom

September 8, 2021

The online regular training course on Organizing and Managing Virtual Meetings Using Zoom will be held on September 8, 2021. CLICK HERE for complete details on how to enroll in this course including prerequisites (if any), training rates/fees, and alternate schedules. Users with existing OTRS accounts need not register again. See you!


Meetings are a necessary and important part of management, but often tend to be overwhelming in volume and exhausting for its attendees. Therefore, it should be the aim of a meeting organizer to make a meeting constructive and productive. This is doubly important in the landscape of virtual meetings, where the need for back-to-back virtual meetings can cause fatigue and over-exposure. The training provides valuable techniques to help in organizing meetings more professionally and encourage its participants to be more active. Further, this training capitalizes on the online meeting application Zoom® to foster an interactive and secure meeting experience.

Purpose: To enable the participants to successfully, efficiently, and effectively organize and handle virtual meetings using Zoom® as a video conferencing platform.

Benefits to the Participants: Learn how to make the most of phases of a meeting such as the before, during, and after activities. Participants will discover how to control those who speak too much or go off track, and get those who contribute little to say more. Participants will further be able to maximize the use of Zoom® in chairing virtual meetings and learning virtual meeting etiquette.

Target Participants: Individuals, whether technical or supervisorial level, tasked to lead both physical and virtual meetings. It is especially useful for those assigned as Chairpersons in meetings where it is important to get full participation and contribution from those attending. This course does not require any prior experience or course prerequisites. If you already have experience in chairing meetings, this will give you tips on how to handle it virtually.

Course Coverage

  1. Virtual Meeting Etiquette
    1. Attire
    2. Body Movements
    3. Setting
    4. Microphone and Video
    5. Phone and Computer Use
  2. Preparations Before the Virtual Meeting
    1. Agenda Creation
    2. Composition of the Team for the Meeting
    3. Schedule and Length of Meeting
    4. Invitation and Ground Rules to Attendees
  3. Preparations on the Day of the Virtual Meeting
    1. Chair and Participants
    2. Equipment and Use of Technology
  4. Things to Do
    1. Before the Start of the Meeting
    2. During the Meeting
    3. After the Meeting
  5. What the Chair Can Say in the Different Parts of the Meeting
    1. Getting People’s Attention and Welcoming Attendees
    2. Introduce the Topic and the Agenda
    3. Getting Through the Agenda and Moving Between Agenda Items
    4. Inviting Attendees to Participate and Handing Over to Another Attendee
    5. Dealing with Distractions and Staying on the Topic
    6. Summarizing and Concluding the Meeting
  6. How to Use Zoom®
    1. Setting up Zoom®
    2. Meeting Roles and Responsibilities
    3. Setting up your Zoom® Meeting
    4. Meeting Controls

Duration: 1 Day – 8:30am to 4:00pm