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RTC on Money Management During Difficult Times

August 17, 2021

The online regular training course on Money Management During Difficult Times will be held on August 17, 2021. CLICK HERE for complete details on how to enroll in this course including prerequisites (if any), training rates/fees, and alternate schedules. Users with existing OTRS accounts need not register again. See you!


The difficulty that pervades during uncertain times such as pandemic, worldwide crises and other similar scenarios, has direct or indirect effect on one’s finances. In these unprecedented times, the manner of living of individuals, and not just those who have lost jobs or suffered financial setbacks, are constantly changing and adapting. The program will assist participants to budget, review lifestyle, and other ways to maximize earnings or establish financial goals during or especially so in, difficult times.

Purpose: To provide the participants with economic realities affecting personal finances, suggestions on lifestyle, budgeting, and tips on how to manage finances during difficult times.

Benefits to the Participants: Knowledge about current economic environment and how it will affect personal finances. Practical tips and concepts on managing personal finances, and insights on other finance-related concerns such as insurance and investments.

Target Participants: Any individual who wish to learn more about budgeting, lifestyle, investment, insurance, and some tips on how to manage their finances in the scope of major crises and disasters. There are no required prerequisites to this course.

Course Coverage

  1. Economic Environment
  2. Lifestyle and Budgeting
  3. Investments and Scams
  4. Insurance

Duration: 1 day – 8:30am to 4:00pm