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RTC on Technical Writing Course on Statistical Reports*

June 21, 2021 - June 24, 2021

The online regular training course on Technical Writing Course on Statistical Reports* will be held on June 21-24, 2021. CLICK HERE for complete details on how to enroll in this course including prerequisites (if any), training rates/fees, and alternate schedules. Users with existing OTRS accounts need not register again.

*Microsoft Excel for Database Management, Basic Statistics 1: Descriptive Statistics, and Basic Statistics: Estimation and Hypothesis Testing are prerequisites to this course.


There is an increasing trend in using data and other statistical information as basis for policy and program development and implementation. In this course, participants are taught the mechanics of technical writing as applied to statistics and how these techniques can be crafted to suit a variety of readers, whether statisticians or not. Participants are also enjoined to improve the presentation of the content and form of statistical reports using MS Excel®.

Purpose: To teach the mechanics of preparing concise and clear statistical reports and how these can be crafted to suit a wider readership.

Benefits to the Participants: Enhancement of technical writing skills to come up with more effective and comprehensive technical reports involving the use of statistics, with content that is appreciated and understood by both statisticians and non-statisticians. Participants will also learn the proper use of tables, charts, flowcharts, as well as descriptive and inferential statistics in technical reports. They will gain knowledge on basic writing techniques, including editing, creating document template and writing formulas and equations using the word processing software, Microsoft Word.

Target Participants: Technical personnel involved in data analysis and preparation of statistical reports. Knowledge of basic computer operations and basic English grammar are required. MS Excel® for Data Management (SW 1), Basic Statistics 1: Descriptive Statistics (BS 1), Basic Statistics 2: Estimation and Hypothesis Testing (BS 2) are recommended prerequisites to this course.

Course Coverage

  1. Introduction to Technical Reports
    1. What is a Technical Report
    2. Types of Technical Reports
    3. Structure of a Technical Report
    4. Steps in Writing a Technical Report
  2. How to Write a Statistical Report
    1. How to use table and charts properly in your documents
    2. How to put descriptive statistics in the paragraph
    3. How to put inferential statistics in the paragraph
    4. How to prepare abstract
  3. Basic Technical Writing Techniques
    1. Basic editing techniques to apply
    2. How to create a document template
    3. Components of a document template
    4. Use of equation editor in writing formulas and equation
  4. Technical Writing Using APA Guidelines

Duration: 4 Days – 8:30am to 4:30pm